Finding an affordable dental plan today is much easier than in years gone by. Recent changes in the health insurance landscape certainly help people who need dental insurance. Still, some challenges to finding the right coverage exist. You also have so many options that knowing which fits your needs best sometimes feels overwhelming. Below are some options for finding your own affordable dental plan.

Costco Membership

Woman in dental chair gets treatment with an affordable dental planDid you know you can turn to Costco for an affordable dental plan? Yes, your Costco membership gives you access to comprehensive dental coverage from in-network dentists in Arizona. These affordable plans and dental services begin when you join Costco for dental plans. Or, if you already have a Costco membership, start taking advantage of these benefits now.

Just explore to find dental insurance at Costco online or at your local store. When looking at Costco for dental plans, ask about DeltaCare® USA, for more information.

Medicare Advantage Affordable Dental Plan

Medicare Part A and B do not provide dental care plans. Nor do Medicare supplemental policies. But some Medicare Advantage Part C plans do offer routine dental care. You usually find these plans through a local private insurance company. They also help with eye care costs, prescription medications and hospital stays, adding to your options for budget savings.

Dental Discount Plans

Affordable dental plan discount plans usually cost between $80 and $200 per year. Talk to the Marketplace Dental Excellence practice staff to learn more about dental discount plans accepted in Queen Creek, Arizona. When accepted by your dentist, these discount plans work much like insurance but provide flat discounts on your most common dental services. You can purchase a dental discount plan through many major insurance companies, after confirming which plans the dentist accepts.

Veterans Benefits

Did you know that your military service now provides options for dental insurance long after you retire? You may qualify for dental insurance through Delta Dental or MetLife at a reduced cost. This means you can visit your Marketplace Dental Excellence dentist to maintain your treatment goals using veterans’ insurance. Visit to learn more about whether you qualify.

Financing as an Affordable Dental Plan

One of the best options for low hassle dental affordability is a dental financing plan accepted at your dentist’s office. Talk to your Marketplace Dental Excellence office staff about third-party financing companies. You apply directly with these third parties for installment loans designed to make quality treatment affordable.

With fair to excellent credit, many people qualify for these third party programs. Because you apply with the credit providers and not the dental office, your payments and inquiries remain confidential. An affordable dental plan may also provide financing for other types of health care not covered by insurance.

Finding the Best Dentist for Your Treatment Goals

In Queen Creek, Arizona, Marketplace Dental Excellence remains committed to helping you afford and meet your treatment goals. Whether you seek general preventive care, a whiter, more youthful smile or need major restorations like dental implants, you can find ways to afford these treatments through today’s options.

Because Marketplace Dental Excellence provides a wide range of dental services at one location, you make the most of your affordable dental plan, Costco membership, discount plan or financing. Services and treatments provided by Marketplace Dental Excellence in Queen Creek include:

Of course, preventive care helps you keep your natural teeth healthy and strong, for reduced restoration costs. So start seeing your Queen Creek dentist at Marketplace Dental Excellence now. Call 480-545-8700 to schedule your visit and learn about your accepted affordable dental plan.