When you become a patient of Marketplace Dental Excellence in Queen Creek, AZ you gain quality dental care from a caring, pleasant team of dental professionals. You also become a valued part of the practice. All of us at Marketplace Dental Excellence dedicate our time, experience and knowledge to making your dental health treatment the very best. On this page you can learn more about dental financing for your healthiest smile.

All of Your Dental Services in One Location

In decades past, dental patients saw one general dentist for ongoing dental care needs. But for many treatments, they needed to see specialists, such as an orthodontist or endodontist. Thankfully, with new technologies, this has changed.

The modern dental practice of Marketplace Dental Excellence gives you greater convenience by meeting most of your dental health needs in one location. This means fewer appointments to attend, greater convenience, less paperwork to complete and more convenient dental financing.

Dental services provided by Marketplace Dental Excellence include:

When you make Marketplace Dental Excellence your dental experts, your whole family gains the care they need. Your dentist obtains a clear understanding of your health history, home dental hygiene habits and goals for your treatment. You earn your strongest bite and best smile with the dental team who knows your specific needs best.

Dental Insurance and Billing

Having dental insurance makes your dental treatment much more affordable. Marketplace Dental Excellence accepts many dental insurance plans and benefits. You only have to provide your insurance card information to our helpful office staff. The dental office verifies your benefits, provides cost expectations for your treatment and files your insurance claims for you.

Your dental insurance keeps your out-of-pocket treatment costs low. Of course, you must cover your insurance deductible and copays. But at Marketplace Dental Excellence we make payments quick, easy and convenient. Options for dental financing in Queen Creek and Gilbert Arizona are available for these payments to include checks, cash, credit cards and debit cards.

More Options for Dental Financing in Queen Creek and Gilbert Arizona

Dental financing at our Queen Creek office ensures you suffer less stress when visiting the dentist. Marketplace Dental Excellence dental financing options include LendingClub payment plans. Whether your appointment is for a first visit, regular checkup or other dental services, LendingClub helps you afford your treatment and spreads payments over a period of time.

LendingClub works in addition to your regular dental insurance. It also works well if you do not have a dental insurance policy or while you wait for your insurance benefits to begin. New or existing patients at Marketplace Dental Excellence can use this option as needed.

You apply quickly, efficiently and confidentially on the LendingClub patient website. The process also includes simple steps and involves entering some of your personal information for a quick decision. Qualified applicants receive interest rates from as low as zero percent. You can spread your payments over a period of six to 84 months.

The best part of using LendingClub for your dental care payments is you choose which procedures you undergo, even when your insurance does not provide coverage. You also can have the smile of your dreams made possible through cosmetic dentistry or high-quality restorative dentistry. Teeth whitening, dental implants, and dentures provide just some of your options payable through Marketplace Dental Excellence’s association with LendingClub.

Visit LendingClub now to learn about all of your payment options without impacting your credit score. Then schedule your treatment with a clear picture of your payment amounts, plans, and interest rates.

Brighten and Strengthen Your Smile at Marketplace Dental Excellence

Dental financing in Queen Creek, Arizona is easier than you think. You no longer need to skip dental visits or put off the treatments you want or need. Today’s dental financing at Marketplace Dental Excellence makes everything easier.

So call Marketplace Dental Excellence now

to set an appointment and verify your insurance.