For your teeth to be healthy and strong, you need good daily oral hygiene and routine dental visits. But what happens during a dental examination? How do these visits keep your smile and bite their healthiest? For these answers, you only need to look as far as Marketplace Dental Excellence in Queen Creek, Arizona.

When you find a dentist with whom you feel comfortable, keeping up with a routine dental examination schedule feels easy. You see this dentist once every six months, so you develop a solid relationship for your best smile. One part of your exam is a professional teeth cleaning, something you actually look forward to for its brightening benefits.

What Takes Place During a Dental Examination?

Dentist performing dental examination on female patientA dental examination is the same as a check-up. These sessions provide you with the regular attention of a dental hygienist and dentist. They examine your teeth and gums, looking for signs of decay or disease. They also do an oral cancer screening.

These visits with a new dentist start with you providing a full health history. You must list your medications and health conditions, as well as any surgeries you had in the past. When your health status changes, it is important to continue keeping your dentist updated.

Most of the time you spend in the dentist’s chair focuses on checkups. That is if you keep these appointments on a regular schedule. Falling behind in your dental care leads to problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease. That makes dental restorations or other treatments necessary.

Regular checkups every six months help your teeth stay clean. They also last longer and look their best. Through these visits, you avoid painful problems, those developing from poor oral hygiene or lack of dental care.

Benefits of a Thorough Cleaning and Examination

Each of your dental visits includes a professional cleaning unless you suffer problems that make this procedure unsafe. The dentist or dental hygienist uses professional cleaning instruments to scrape below your gum line, remove built-up plaque and scrape away tartar, also called calculus. Left untreated, built-up tartar and plaque cause a wide range of dental problems. These include gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath.

Finally, as part of your thorough cleaning, the dentist or hygienist polishes and flosses your teeth. This makes your teeth feel fresh, smooth and attractive.

After the cleaning, the dentist examines your teeth, mouth, and gums. He looks for signs of dental disease or problems. The biggest goal of these visits is helping you maintain your positive oral health, as well as preventing problems from growing worse. Toward these goals, the dentist identifies and treats any issues found during the exam.

The dentist often requests x-rays of your teeth as part of an exam. The frequency depends on your age, symptoms, and risks of disease. X-rays find problems like tooth decay, jaw bone damage, impacted teeth, cysts, tumors, abscesses, and decay between teeth. Digital x-rays emit no more radiation than a day spent in the sun or watching television.

Frequency of Dental Examination Visits

People with teeth in good shape do not need to visit the dentist more than once every six months. But if you need additional treatment, such as fillings, tooth extraction or crown repair, you need to make a special visit before the typical six-month schedule.

During your dental exam, remember to talk to your dentist openly about your concerns and problems. Today’s modern dental offices offer options for many treatments, with a wide range of technologies available to meet special needs or fix problems that concern you.

A Quality Dental Exam in Queen Creek, AZ

For your Queen Creek, AZ dental examination, schedule a visit with a member of the dental team at Marketplace Dental Excellence. At Marketplace Dental Excellence, you receive a wide range of dental services to meet your specific treatment needs. These dental services include:

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