Growing teenagers, young adults, and even older adults need specialized oral health care. That specialized care often requires an orthodontist in Queen Creek AZ. Marketplace Dental Excellence gets to know you and your specific dental goals. With these goals in mind and using the latest dental innovations, you gain the straight, healthy smile of your dreams.

When You Need an Orthodontist in Queen Creek AZ

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An orthodontist in Queen Creek corrects the alignment of your teeth and jaws. This gives you a straight smile and healthy bite, even when you naturally suffer crooked teeth or those that do not line up properly. Having correctly aligned teeth and jaw prevents a number of problems, including:

  • Early tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Muscle stress and strain
  • Headaches
  • TMJ disorder
  • Neck, back and shoulder pain

One of the most significant benefits gained from seeing an orthodontist in Queen Creek comes from having the straight smile you have always wanted. You show off that smile more, giving you an approachable, confident and healthy appearance.

Do I Need an Orthodontist Queen Creek Trusts?

When you visit Marketplace Dental Excellence, your dentist helps you understand your treatment needs, particularly in line with your smile goals. These needs sometimes include help gained from an orthodontist in Queen Creek. To know if you need an orthodontist, you receive a dental exam, digital X-rays, and other services. These take place at the office for preventive dentistry in Gilbert AZ

People experience a wide range of needs, before visiting an orthodontist Queen Creek relies on. These needs include overbites, underbites, crossbites, open bites and misplaced midlines. They also have spaces between teeth, crowded teeth or other problems.

You need an orthodontist Queen Creek trusts for fixed and removable appliances like aligner trays or braces. These devices help correct your dental problems. Your dentist works with you to help you understand what type of treatment you need and how an orthodontist may help.

Dental Care for Your Growing Teen

Parents know firsthand how quickly children grow. Soon your child becomes a teenager. With those teen years come many new dental issues. Sometimes these problems require an orthodontist, and at other times, your general dentistry office provides the treatments your teen needs.

Marketplace Dental Excellence knows your teen’s dental health needs. Whether your young person requires braces, clear aligner trays or wisdom tooth removal, that care starts at Marketplace Dental Excellence in Queen Creek, AZ.

Common Dental Problems of Teen Years Include:

Bad Breath

Halitosis or bad breath comes from bacteria left on your teen’s tongue. Good oral hygiene, including brushing the tongue and regular brushing and flossing teeth, help keep bad breath from becoming a problem. Your teen also needs regular dental visits, including dental exams, professional cleanings, and consultation about home oral hygiene.

Discolored Teeth

As your teen grows and ages, teeth start yellowing. But they can enjoy the confidence of having pearly white teeth again, through cosmetic dentistry and professional teeth whitening services.

Crooked Teeth

Your growing young person gains self-esteem from a healthy, straight and attractive smile. During these social years, you help your teen grow more confident through teeth straightening using aligner trays or other services of an orthodontist in Queen Creek AZ.

Complete Family Dental Care in Queen Creek, AZ

Your teen and other members of your family gain the best dental care in Queen Creek at Marketplace Dental Excellence. Services of Marketplace Dental Excellence include:

Help your entire family feel proud of their healthy smiles, through quality dentistry and referrals for an orthodontist in Queen Creek. Call Marketplace Dental Excellence now at 480-397-0214 for an appointment.