You know that going to the dentist regularly is very important for strong, healthy teeth. But what is “general dentistry in Gilbert and Queen Creek AZ,” really? How does a general dental practice help you have a bright, confident smile? Do you need other types of routine dental care, too?

General dental care includes a variety of services and treatments. These procedures all meet one common goal for your smile. That goal is to help you maintain a mouthful of natural teeth for as long as you can. So this goal also means ensuring you have good oral health to look and feel your best throughout your lifetime.

How Vital is General Dentistry?

Marketplace Dental Excellence general dentistry in Gilbert and Queen Creek AZ provides you and your family with the routine dental care you need, right near your home. This convenience makes going to the dentist easier. But in Gilbert and Queen Creek AZ, you gain the same high-quality and high-tech dental care that patients receive in major cities. You do not need to sit in traffic or waste your day driving to and from the dentist, for the most advanced care.

Your oral health is critical for your general wellness. First, your teeth play a significant role in helping you receive the nutrients you need for optimum health. But dental health also connects to your general health. Scientists report links between oral infections and significant health problems like heart disease and diabetes.

Having a healthy smile means more than looking good or having high self-esteem. Your healthy smile indicates you do all you can to ensure your own best wellness. Healthy teeth last longer, helping you retain a more youthful appearance for longer, too. Keeping your teeth, gums and the rest of your mouth in good shape means you’re taking advantage of general dentistry in Gilbert and Queen Creek AZ.

What Procedures Does General Dental Care Include?

General dentistry in Gilbert and Queen Creek AZ includes a wide variety of services and procedures helping your teeth work as they should while looking great. General dental procedures at Marketplace Dental Excellence include:

  • Professional cleanings and routine checkup exams
  • Crowns for stronger teeth and bridgework for missing teeth
  • Dental implants to permanently replace missing teeth
  • Fillings to restore teeth after decay
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Partial and full dentures to provide a complete smile
  • Sealants and tooth decay prevention

When Do You Visit Your General Dentist?

Visiting your general dentist is one of the best methods of preventing dental problems or emergencies. You should never wait until you suffer a toothache or other issues before seeing the dentist. By waiting, you miss out on preventive care that keeps you from going through the expense, discomfort, and treatments used to restore your teeth.

It is essential to visit your general dentist at least once every six months for routine checkups. Your dentist helps you defend your teeth against plaque, tartar buildup, and gum disease. Also during these checkups, you receive a professional cleaning, screening for diseases and occasional digital X-rays to catch problems early. After a visit to your dentist, your teeth look their best and you feel great.

General Dentistry in Gilbert and Queen Creek AZ

Marketplace Dental Excellence meets your general dentistry needs in Gilbert and Queen Creek AZ, and beyond. But did you know that Marketplace Dental Excellence offers many other dental services, treatments and procedures? These include:

For your healthiest, strongest and most confident smile, you need routine dental care from your general dentistry experts.

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