Your dental hygienist is one of the people you see most in your dentist’s office. The hygienist helps you understand your oral health and hygiene needs, in addition to cleaning your teeth and providing other important services. So what else can you expect from your hygienist at Marketplace Dental Excellence in Queen Creek, Arizona?

Your Dental Hygienist Is Well-Trained

A dental hygienist at workYour dental hygienist at Marketplace Dental Excellence is well trained before they start providing any services. This early training includes graduation from an accredited dental hygiene program. But their education does not stop there. In fact, they must meet continuing education requirements every three years.

Your dental hygienist Queen Creek AZ completes 54 hours of coursework triennially. This study includes 31 hours in dental and medical health, dental hygiene, gum disease, implant care, X-ray safety, and dental public health. They also get up-to-date in managing medical emergencies, keeping dental records, pain management and maintenance of dental sealants and restorations.

Continuing education also requires up to 14 hours of patient management skills, health care delivery methods and dental hygiene practice organization and management. Finally, they must spend three hours learning about patient chemical dependency, quitting smoking, ethics, risk management, and Arizona dental law. Your hygienist dedicates another three hours of education to infectious diseases or infectious disease control.

All of this required education and training gives your dental hygienist Queen Creek AZ the most current awareness and knowledge in patient dental health. This means they provide even better service for you and your family with each passing year. It also makes your dental hygienist queen creek AZ a great resource for your dental health and oral hygiene questions.

Why Dental Hygienists Love What They Do

Your hygienist is empowered to impact your dental health, as well as your overall wellness. They do this as part of their daily work, such as when they remove tartar, stains, and plaque from patients’ teeth to prevent cavities and gum disease. They help protect your teeth by applying fluoride and sealants, too.

Your hygienist takes dental X-rays so the dentist gains a clear picture of your dental health. They also review your physical and oral health history, keep your dental chart updated and counsel you about proper care of your teeth and gums. By doing all of these things, hygienists play a major role in your overall wellness. This rewards them each time they see you smile.

Each day of a hygienist’s work is different. This keeps their career interesting and fulfills them as they play a major role in the dentist’s office. They also enjoy great employee benefits and a schedule that suits their lifestyle, giving them work-life balance. In all of this, they maintain job security and stability as your oral hygiene expert.

Getting to Know Your Dental Hygienist

Get to know your hygienist at Queen Creek, Arizona’s Marketplace Dental Excellence. After all, you spend a significant portion of your time at the dentist in their care. Ask your dental hygienist any questions you have about oral hygiene or your dental health. By having a good relationship with them, you relax more in the dentist’s chair and feel at ease during important procedures.

Feel free to talk to your hygienist about the dental services Marketplace Dental Excellence provides in Queen Creek. Those services include:

To meet your dental hygienist and receive an oral health exam, cancer screening and teeth cleaning call Marketplace Dental Excellence at 480-545-8700.