No matter how hard you work to maintain healthy teeth and gums, your dentist may find signs of decay with each dental visit. This makes preventing cavities seem impossible. But with ongoing daily oral hygiene and regular tooth decay treatment, you can maintain a complete, healthy smile.

How Tooth Decay Begins

Smiling woman in dentist chair after tooth decay treatmentEven when you feel no pain, signs of tooth decay appear in your mouth. Sometimes only your dentist sees these signs. But you will, too, when minor problems turn into bigger ones. By then, you need costly dental restorations.

Preventive dentistry through tooth decay treatment keeps you from many potential problems and costs. After all, tooth decay sneaks up on you before you notice. Plaque bacteria sticks to your teeth, using sugars from your foods to create plaque acids. These acids work their way through your tooth layers as part of decay, around the clock.

You do not feel pain or sensitivity from these early phases of tooth decay. But the decay soon breaks through enamel into your dentin. Your dentin contains tiny nerve endings, so these become irritated and sensitive. This causes you to experience pain when eating or drinking hot, cold, sticky, sour or sweet foods.

What is Tooth Decay Treatment?

When your dentist finds signs of erosion on your tooth enamel, treatment helps repair that problem area before the decay reaches the dentin. But tooth decay treatment is not something your dentist does alone. Instead, you must help by using a quality fluoride toothpaste, brushing twice daily and rinsing your mouth as recommended. You also must continue dental examinations twice yearly.

Decay that reaches your tooth dentin causes irreparable damage. For this level of decay, you need filling material placed in the cavity to repair and restore your tooth’s health.

Obviously, the best tooth decay treatment is prevention as part of regular six-month dental visits. Putting off these routine exams expand the period of time during which teeth can decay before preventive care can help. During these appointments, your dentist and dental hygienist also provide helpful tips and treatments for keeping your teeth healthy and strong.

Other Restorative Options after Tooth Decay Damage

If you have extreme tooth decay or tooth loss because of cavities, restorative treatment helps you rebuild your smile. Options exist, whether you lose one tooth or a whole mouthful. This means Marketplace Dental Excellence dentist in Queen Creek enables you to get back to healthy eating and smiling in no time.

Modern dental services for restoring your smile after decay include:

Most people lose one permanent tooth or more in adulthood, particularly in later years. So with your dentist’s skill, reputation and training, your smile looks its best throughout your life.

Dental Services for Healthy Teeth

Having access to quality dental care at Marketplace Dental Excellence makes a huge difference in your overall dental health. By visiting the dentist twice yearly and doing your part through daily oral hygiene, you help your teeth stay healthy and strong. You also keep your smile bright, while problem-free dental visits cost less than more expensive tooth repair.

Queen Creek dental services you need along with tooth decay treatment include:

For your healthiest smile and bite in Queen Creek, Arizona, visit Marketplace Dental Excellence for tooth decay treatment. For over 20 years, Marketplace Dental Excellence has provided patients from Queen Creek and surrounding areas with the highest quality of preventive and restorative care. Call Marketplace Dental Excellence now at 480-397-0214 to schedule your first visit.