Knowing when you need a Mesa Arizona orthodontist is a difficult call. This decision is actually one best made by your general dentist. After all, many of the services and treatments people once needed an orthodontist for now take place in a quality dental office.

Of course, orthodontists remain specialists for some procedures and treatments only they provide. What does a Mesa Arizona orthodontist do? How do you know when you need one?

What Does a Mesa Arizona Orthodontist Do?

Smiling girls with braces likes her Mesa Arizona orthodontistYour Mesa Arizona orthodontist improves your smile by correcting the alignment of your teeth and jaws. If you suffer issues with your bite or smile, your general dentist refers you to a qualified orthodontist he trusts. This means you do not have to spend time searching for an excellent one in your area. With an orthodontist’s care, you prevent or treat many dental health problems. These problems include:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Headaches
  • TMJ/TMD disorder
  • Muscle strain
  • Pain in your back, neck or shoulders
  • Sleep apnea

While straighter teeth play a significant role in your eating and self-confidence, this is not the only service your orthodontist provides. They also help you with an improper bite, crowded teeth, improperly spaced teeth, and sleep apnea. For treating these problems, your orthodontist uses a multitude of options and methods, such as braces, retainers, spacers, headgears, palatal expanders, night guards and positioners.

Orthodontists in Mesa treat patients from six years old to great-grandparents. So your relationship with your orthodontist extends long beyond your pre-teen or teen years when teeth straightening generally first takes place.

Do I Need a Mesa Arizona Orthodontist?

The best way to know whether you need a Mesa Arizona orthodontist is to visit your general dentist. Your dentist focuses on identifying your dental problems and helping you fix them. They also help you achieve your healthiest, strongest and most confident smile using the services and treatments available to them.

Sometimes your dentist identifies problems he or she does not treat. Or maybe your goals do not match the treatments your dentist offers. In these cases, they possibly refer you to an orthodontist.

This is how a Mesa Arizona orthodontist works with your Queen Creek dentist at Marketplace Dental Excellence. The two do not oppose each other, instead, working toward the same objectives for your best overall health.

Many people see dentists and orthodontists as possibly competitive in nature. But that is far from reality. Instead, these two key professionals together make up your oral healthcare team. They even share information, such as essential exam notes, X-rays or treatment plans, with each treating you concurrently.

Manage Your Dental Health Treatment Plan with Your Dentist’s Help

In many ways, your Queen Creek dentist at Marketplace Dental Excellence works as a manager or director of your dental health treatment plan. At various life stages and developmental periods, you possibly need additional experts to help you meet treatment goals. But you never need to figure this out on your own. Just talk to your dentist and let him or her guide you to the right experts such as a Mesa Arizona orthodontist, at the right time.

Start your best dental health now by visiting Marketplace Dental Excellence for your important dental care, including:

Call Marketplace Dental Excellence in Queen Creek, Arizona now at 480-545-8700. When you visit your new dentist, ask about your need for a Mesa Arizona orthodontist. You can relax in knowing your smile and bite are in great hands with the right treatment services.